Homeopathy makes you whole

Homeopathy is a safe and gentle treatment in which individually chosen remedies are being used to restore as well acute as chronic derangements of the body into a healthy and balanced state.


regardless of age or pregnancy anyone can benefit from homeopathy as the remedies - when accordingly used - have no side effects and they can be used along with conventional medication.


Homeopathy has been used for more than 200 years. it was developed by a german physician, samuel hahnemann (1755-1843) after having  realized how harsh, often ineffective and even lethal the medical measures of his time were.


one of the three cornerstones of homeopathy is the principle according to which

a person with a particular set of symptoms will be cured by a substance which renders that same set of symptoms in a healthy person when consumed in excess.


another cornerstone is the minuteness of the dose regarding both molality or concentration of the substance in the remedy and the dose itself.  


LAst but not least The remedy making process also involves a hard succution in

between all stages when moving to a higher potency in the process.



             first consultation        120 € (remedy included)


             follow-up                         25€/ each starting 15 mins

                                                          (remedy included, when necessary)


             Children under 10 yrs   100€ (remedy included)


             acute consultation     50€ (remedy, 2 follow- up

                                                          contacts by mail/phone/skype

                                                          included, max 10 mins)



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